Football pet peeves – the things we hate the most with our football boots and football gear. In Episode 35 of the Boot Nerds Podcast, Josh from SR4U and JayMike from Unisport discuss some of the things they hate the most with their football boots and football gear. Here, they’ll share and talk about something every football and soccer player can probably relate to; football boots that are too big, flat or deflated footballs, shin pads worn on the outside of football socks, or people wearing their football boots all the way from the car on the parking lot to the pitch. Also, the two Boot Nerds go over the latest release from adidas, the Input Code pack, featuring the adidas X19+, adidas COPA19+ and Predator 19+ in gold and blue colours. 


Also, hear Josh from SR4U and JayMike from Unisport discuss the latest football boot news and answer fan questions.

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