Liverpool New Balance Nike lawsuit – in today’s episode of the Boot Nerds Podcast, Josh from SR4U and JayMike from Unisport discuss the lawsuit and case around Liverpool, New Balance and Nike, where New Balance sued Liverpool for breaching their contract. In short, Liverpool and New Balance had a term in their existing contract saying that if Liverpool received a contract offer from another brand, New Balance could match it and Liverpool would have to enter into a new agreement with New Balance. However, after Nike came with a contract offer, Liverpool were offered to also get marketing support from Serena Williams, LeBron James and Drake to help them grow on a global scale, whereas New Balance couldn’t provide access to the same tier of non-football marketing assets. Thus, Liverpool won the case and are now free to sign with Nike or any other brand that may offer them a contract. Also, JayMike and Josh answer your questions and dive into every detail around the latest and greatest football boots. 


Also, hear Josh from SR4U and JayMike from Unisport discuss the latest football boot news and answer fan questions.

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